About Fast Local Services

Fast Local Services is a local listing site that helps home and business owners to  connect with local professionals such as gardeners, plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers, cleanng companies  local restaurants and much more.

As a company we seek to help contractors and local businesses to be able to show in a detailed way all of their services, work areas, menu and a history about the company so that way home and business owners know more about the company that will be helping them with the service that they are requesting.

Fast Local Services has more than 10 years in the digital world, taking its first steps as netsnipersmedia.net (web design company) helping small and medium businesses to have all of their local listings updated and to be able to show themselves in a more professional way to all of their clients.

We seek to help make it easier to obtain an estimate from a professional, we understand that in each estimate many things can happen such as the contractor not showing up, or you contacting company  after company and they not answering or they not having the space to give you that estimate, and thats why we launch this company Fast Local Services and its call center team, were you can, with a detailed call ensure that a contractor that specialized in your type of service will contact you for your estimate.

  • Structural Knowledge

A professional local listing companies have the knowledge that it is so important for you to get a good quality service from a contractor, Fast Local Services work with contractors who have experience and the necessary roles to guarantee the service, we know that when you contact a company such as house cleaning Services, Carpet cleaning, plumbers, electriciansor or any other type of services, and they work on your property, many things can happen if they are not experts in the type of services that they offering and that is why,  Fast Local Services only works with experienced contractors with license and insurance.

  • How Do We Choose The Right Contractors

Before being a company dedicated to helping small companies continue to grow, we are also citizens that at all times we are in need of gardeners, plumbers, electricians, fences and all those types of services that a property requires, obviously we want a good quality of service and a fair price.

Every home or business owner knows well where to put their trust in, by talking to a professional you can know if such a professional has the knowledge about the subject, a real company will always give you material options, price and security options, because a real company cares about the security and of their clients pockets.

  • Professionalism

The seriousness of a company shows how professional the company is, Fast Local Services hires only professionals with experience in customer service, only people with visions in life and people with love for humanity, that way on our side we ensure that you will be well attended in each contact you have with one of our professionals at Fast Local Services

  • Our Business Tools 

Fast Local Serices works with the most advanced technologies on the market to ensure good service, fast computers and instant contact form on the website, in a short period of time we are looking to offer the mobile app and that way you can see when the contractor is on the way to give you the estimate, through that application you can see how far away the contractor is and you can ensure your estimate.

  • Keeping  It Honest 

Because Fast local Services relies on its members’ experiences, reviews aren’t submitted anonymously. Of course members’ information is kept confidential on Fast Local Servcies Data Base, but reviews are made available to the companies who have been reviewed. Since there are always two sides to every story, companies can respond to reviews, helping make sure that members get all the information they need to make a hiring decision. Additionally, members can only report on a service experience once every time, ensuring no one can “does anything” in favor of or against a company. Finally, all reviews submitted by members go through Fast Local Servcies staff who look for any irregularities, racist or threatening comments.

Occasionally, we catch service companies reporting on their own businesses or competions companies reporting bad reviews . Those companies are reprimanded and the reports are promptly and permanently removed from the List.