Fast Local Servcies

  • Are you a business owner?

Did you know that Although Google does not share exact numbers, Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe. That comes out to 228 million searches per hour, 5.6 billion searches per day, or 2 trillion, which means that if your business is showing up in google in a correct way, your business could increase the sale of your service or product up to 40% whether you are a big general contractors or a small  local contractor 

  • What do a business needs to have to get more business?

Every business need customers and there is two ways you will get more business.

1.- Word of mouth 

2.- Marketing tools

Having this two things on point you can grow your business as big as you like, a website is the best way to inform a customers of what exactly is that you offer, how long you been in business and prices, a website needs their own marketing named SEO
on top of it you will need to have your social media to be set up and optimized to be able to have pretty much everything that Google needs to be able to read your company and know when to show your business.

  • How can Fast Local Services help with my business growth

Fast Local Services is a high domain authority listing website, that invest thousands of dollars daily, to keep growing as a company, by you adding your business to our FREE listing parnerts it will  give your business a better oportunity to show on Google faster, thru our domain name authority, or you can go a head and sign up with our yearly membership.

  • How to add my business listing

To add your listing to our  + Add Listing you will need to check out some of our listings options, since you will able to be added for FREE and some of them you will be able to add your company only by making a monthly payment, regardless what option you choose, as a company we need to qualify your listings quality and as a next step to accept it or decline your listing.

  • How to get guaranteed customers

To receive guaranteed  customers, we have a full year guaranteed customers, meaning if you dont sale your services we do not get paid. 

Fast Local Services has multiple investors that earn up to 20% out of their investment, that money is also invested on advertising to be able to generate interested customers to businesses that sign up to our yearly membership,

Fast Local Services is different then other listings companies, we generate guaranteed customers and we do not charge anything unless the estimate was approved by the home or business owner.
Fast Local Services charges a $60.00 dollars flat rate per approved estimate or $0 if the estimates was not approved or customers did not made a solid decision.

To be able to invest with Fast Local Services you will need to talk to one of our specialist to see if you qualify, we do not accept just any body investment since, this agreement is a full year agreement and you have to be willing to wait for a full year to make your investment back plus your profit, this is the same as keeping your money on a savings account as with the bank, however a bank will give you a 1% after a year , Fast local Services offer a 20% back 

Fast Local Services is a listing website and does not design websites for businesses, however Fast Local Services and Net Snipers Media are the same company with different type of services, which means that thru our Net Snipers Media company you will be able to get a website design and also more information about, what is the best options for your type of business.